Dave’s Gen-Y Workshop has truly impacted my life. I participated in the six week workshop where I learned job searching strategies, tools, and techniques which helped me to land a job in my field within two months of completing the workshop. Dave inspired me and instilled motivation in me to help me get on the right track to land a job that is a perfect fit for me. He not only served as an instructor but as a support system who was available to give me individual attention during my job search. I appreciate everything Dave has done for me and I think of his Gen-Y workshop as one of the greatest experiences in my life.  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Elizabeth Ellison, Substance Abuse Councelor, Lake County Haven


“I had the great fortune to be connected with Dave several months ago through a trusted contact. During that time, Dave and I have met monthly to share ideas, philosophies and values around our individual coaching practices. I’ve come to know Dave quite well, both personally and professionally, and am consistently impressed by his dedication to creating an environment in which his clients can explore career options and make decisions that will serve their greater interest. Dave truly cares about his clients, and brings a warm, friendly and supportive vibe to his work that makes the coaching process both comfortable and productive. I can confidently Dave to those who are looking for a new career direction.”

Kristi Daeda, Social Media and Marketing Strategist , Twin Sparks Consulting, Inc.


“My coach Mr. David Gladstein was always available and ready to listen to my concerns regarding my next career decisions. We had a set a very “structured” yet informal meeting arrangement and I felt very comfortable to share with him many of my personal and professional decisions regarding my next career move. I always thought of him as a freind and a great sounding board to my conserns. He is an excellent listener and continued to offer different perspectives on my decisions. “” I believe he truly enjoys coaching people like me and has always offered to listen to my concerns during and outside of our coaching sessions. Above all, Dave helped me to concentrate on the options that ultimately will satisfy my personal and professional goals.”

Fred Yarandi, PH.D.


“I highly recommend Dave Gladstein both as a career coach and a person. I have watched Dave take his impressive experience in the corporate world and effectively apply it to the coaching profession. His inquisitive manner, up-beat attitude and unique materials are geared well to the seasoned executive in transition through the younger client who needs help in discovering his or her future path. Dave’s passion for his field and concern for his clients is evident from the moment you meet him.“

Larry Karlin, CEO , Concession Enterprises, Inc.


“Dave Gladstein and Deb Lobin from Launching Millennials recently offered an outstanding presentation at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library on Job Searching and the Young Adult. Their well- organized, interactive seminar offers guidelines to help millennials bridge the gap between college and work, covering such topics as branding, creative search strategies, interviewing, and networking. They are both well-attuned to understanding the unique challenges facing this often overlooked demographic and were able to forge a supportive and encouraging connection with the participants.” August 11, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Linda Mulford, Arlington Heights Memorial Library 
hired David as a Career Coach in 2010, and hired David more than once


“When I was getting certified as a professional coach at ICA, I was re- working my business and seeking general guidance in the area of marketing, so I enlisted Dave’s help. With Dave’s coaching I gained more clarity on how I could resonate with prospective clients as well as capture the essence of who I am and what I offer clients. Dave provided a safe and comfortable environment that was very supportive of my ideas, goals and me. He is very knowledgeable and has a heart of gold. Dave and I worked together for over three months and, as a result of our coaching relationship, we have become good friends.  This spring while working on a pitch I wanted to give in front of a panel of prospective clients, I contacted Dave and used him as a sounding board for my presentation. I anticipate that Dave and I will continue our personal and professional relationship well into the future.” April 19, 2010

Dana NellenPerformance Coach/Consultant


“I am very fortunate to have met Dave Gladstein when I was in transition. He is an excellent coach whose sage advice, counsel and support have been instrumental in helping me prepare for my next career opportunity. Dave is able to quickly synthesize information and willingly shares his insights and perspective, yet he is quite comfortable challenging conventional thinking in order to force you out of your comfort zone so that you can excel. He works closely with his clients in defining their primary objectives, then helps them determine the best methods to achieve the desired results. I highly recommend Dave, who is not only a great listener, but also extremely personable.”   Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

John Mandel, Business Communications Manager at Dow Chemical


“I met David at a career workshop at the Barrington Career Center, where he met with the people in my group and me to help us brainstorm ideas to improve our career skills. He was a great listener and a charismatic presenter. After his class, I feel confident in my future success in the job market.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Britta Grand, hired David as a Career Coach in 2010


“”During my graduate school internship at Barrington Career Center (BCC), I had the good fortune to work with Debra Lobin and Dave Gladstein of Launching Millennials, a practice dedicated to young adults born between 1980-2000. Launching Millennials presented a summer workshop at BCC in which I had a dual role – I both helped with the design, offering a Millennial’s perspective, and attended as a participant.” “The workshop was extremely informative and a ‘must attend’ for college graduates and those close to graduation. As a workshop participant, my approach to job search was transformed by the experience. Their ideas and presentation provoked me to be more thoughtful and creative in my job search process. I learned many things I hadn’t known or thought of. I wish I had attended this workshop earlier in my academic and career decision-making process.” “Debra and Dave’s knowledge and positive passion for their work is evident and infectious. They are professionals who are dedicated to helping young adults in need of support and direction in their career/job search process. Personally, their impact on me has been profound; their ideas and teachings will forever be integrated into my professional life. I highly recommend any career-seeking adult attend a Launching Millennials‘ workshop.””” August 20, 2010

Christopher HenleyIntern, Barrington Career Center

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