Selecting a College Major

Who are your main clients for coaching selecting a college major?

  • Juniors or Seniors in high school preparing for college
  • Students in college who have not yet declared their major
  • Young adults pursuing higher education

Unfortunately, many students select a school / college based on what they’ve heard, a one-day visit, where their friends are going or a desirable location.  What college they attend, is often a higher priority than the issue of determining their major field of study.  Often the decision of determining their major field of study is haphazard lacking thoughtfulness, effort or research.  This lack of a decision making process has a tendency to result in uncertainty and future changes in a major that results in wasted effort, money and time.  Worst case scenario, it can eventually lead to a career and life that is not fulfilling.

How do you help your clients find the ‘right’ career path?

The best way to avoid ending up in this dilemma is to use a structured methodology to select your major.    The image below is a summary or intro to our workbook.   This workbook itself is a comprehensive process that includes a set of exercises and tools that helps our clients determine their college major.

Click on image to view workbook summary.


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