Career Direction

Most traditional career services offer a variety of assessments for their clients to use to help them identify potential career options.  Similar assessments are available for students to help them in their exploration for the right college major.  These assessments are an invaluable aid in the pursuit of determining one’s future; however, used in isolation they fall significantly short of accurately providing the ‘final’ decision.   Assessments or tools cannot generate an answer that could or should be blindly followed.    At Coaching College Grads we use a more comprehensive, robust process that evaluates the output of the assessments (personality traits, core values, interests, strengths and personal requirements) with an extensive list of options (careers or college majors) to help our clients accurately pinpoint the best choice.  This is accomplished by using our patented ‘Career Decision Making Matrix’ tool.  Together, coach and client work through the Career Decision Making process until it is conclusive to the client what it is they want to do and feel certain that this is the right choice for them.   This comes about by using iteration, (repeating the steps in a process) until the client is confident about their result.    The CDMM tool is not a short cut or magical program.  It takes hard work from both coach and client to reach the right decision, but the payoff is for a lifetime.

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